A new approach to language learning

Tuesday 2 March 2010
by  ARB

From research to practice: a new approach to language learning
 Line Audin

The research focus on language learning provides an innovative didactical framework aiming at overcoming a variety of inevitable unexpected obstacles that hinder school language learning. Located at the heart of language activity, these obstacles need a specific didactic treatment. The research showed that whatever the subject, be it French (the pupils’ school language), English as a foreign language or even mathematics, pupils are confused when it comes to dealing with language and reality mainly because they pick up wrong clues and use unstable irrelevant strategies.

In order to help them grasp the complex links between language and reality, we set up crosscut teaching concepts directly inspired from Antoine Culioli’s Theory of Enunciative Operations. Such didactic tools as the « World-In-Between » and the « ARB » are used to develop new simple language learning procedures. These innovative contents have been implemented for five years in a few French schools with pupils aged 11 to 14. [1] The regular assessments prove successful both from the learner’s and teacher’s points of view.

English Keywords :

Obstacles ; Language Learning/Teaching ; Enunciation ; Invariant ; Linguistic variation


[1For more details