Ich, You, Nous

Projet Comenius 1999-2000 - Collège Georges Rouault

Paris - France




a short story

by Gaëlle B.
and Morgane R.




Hello! My name is Mégane, I am fourteen. I live with Gil, my step-sister. My mother died three months ago. Everybody says it was an accident but I know she committed suicide, because my father married Gil's mother almost immediately after the funeral. Gil is fourteen too. That is probably why we don't get on very well. At school, Gil is always the best, she is the perfect daughter. And this girl is unfortunately my sister now ...



"A strange event"

"Mégane! MEGA-A-A-A-ANE!! Come! Quick! Come!"

"Oh! Quiet! What? Why are you screaming?! "

"Look! Look at my father's photo! It's all torn up! Did you do that?"

"Of course, I didn't! How can you accuse me? You are crazy!"

" Oh! Ok, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

I don't understand who could have done that because everybody knows that Gil loves her father; he lives abroad and she sees him only once a year.

My sister went to her bedroom, pulling a face. She sat down on her bed and remained silent. I didn't know what to do to comfort her.



"The register"

"Gil! Come, It's time! Hurry-up! Come-on!"

"I am coming! Just a second!"

"Quick, we are late!"

"Ok, I'm coming!"

We walked to school. We had maths. I was already sitting when my sister arrived in the classroom.

" Gil, the register, please", the teacher said .

"Here you are, Miss."

"Thank you!"

She opened the register.

" Oh! What is this? Who has written in red...? In ... blood!!!

Gil will die...

And her name is crossed out?! My god! 

On the way home, Gil was very upset and she cried. Who could have done that? Poor Gil! When we got home, she was still crying and her mother and my father tried to comfort her. My father took her in his arms. I hate her when she cries like a baby to move my father. He isn't HER father, he is MINE!!!! She will have to understand that, otherwise...


"Blood red pepper"

"Mégane! Come! It's lunch time!"

"Ok!Wait a minute please!"

We hurried to the canteen. Just as I was catching up with my friends, we heard a horrible scream. It was Gil sitting at the other end of the canteen. She was writhing in pain, coughing and choking to death.

I ran to help her and asked her what happened.

"My all... allergy! My eyes! My drugs! In ... in my bag! Quick! Mégane, quick! please!"

I grabbed her bag and I took the precious medicine. When she felt better, I went with her to the sick room.

"She is lucky. It's not too serious but it could have been very dangerous. She was allergic to red pepper.And yet the canteen cook claims there wasn't any. It's strange isn't it? "

I was overwhelmed. Who wanted to kill my sister !?!

We were allowed to go home. Our parents were at work, so we were alone.

"Gil, do you know who wants to kill you?"

" No, I don't ... Mégane, help-me ! "

She cried but I didn't want to comfort her.



"The murderer continue..."

The day after, Gil arrived at school before me. She was preoccupied by the recent events. She was tired because she could not get any sleep last night.

We had a Comenius class and Gil went to fetch her copy book in her locker. When she opened it, she saw a sheet of paper with this message :



Gil couldn't take anymore. Who wanted to kill her? Who had written this frightening message? WHO?! She didn't understand. She tore the sheet and she went into the classroom. She had to see Mégane. It was urgent.




"A puzzling phonecall"

Gil was reading in her room. It was seven o'clock. It was dark. She was alone. The book she was reading wasn't very interesting. In fact she wasn't really reading. She was thinking about the recent events. She was petrified. Who wanted to kill her? She didn't understand...


Gil reached the phone.

"Hallo! Gil speaking"

She heard someone breathing.

"Hallo! Hallo! HaLLO!?`

"Gil ? It's me. You don't know who I am but soon, you will know..."

"Who are you?!? Dad?! "

"No, no. Don't look...far away...you know me very well...too well ... moreover... HA!HA!HA ! "

Gil hung up and she burst out sobbing. Her murderer was a man with a very deep voice. Could he be her father? To find out the truth, she decided to phone him. At the same moment, the phone rang.


" ...Pff...Pff...Pff...Pff..."

"It's not funny!", she shouted.

"But I am not laughing...You'll pay for all that did to me...and remember: now, you are trapped in my game and you won't get out alive..."


Just as she was hanging up, the door opened.

Mégane was back...



" Is it Dad ? "

Gil was lying on her bed. She was remembering all that had happened. She didn't understand. She had the feeling that nobody would listen to her or help her. Even her parents didn't pay attention to her, as if they didn't believe her. She wondered if she was not becoming crazy. A mad man wanted to kill her and nobody called the police. She wanted to cry, to scream... She wished so much she could be with her real father...

She stopped dead. She had completely forgotten him. She remembered when she wanted to phone him. This idea made her shiver? She didn't know him very well after all. She suddenly wondered if wasn't him who wanted to kill her. The killer was a man who knew her a little. Why not her father?

She blamed herself for having such stupid ideas ...to suspect her own father...But she wanted to be clear in her mind about it. She took her mother's diary and dialed the number...


A deep voice answered :


"Hello! Dad? It's Gil. How are you?"

" Fine. What about you, my darling? "

"I'm all right"

"I'm very happy to talk to you. What a good surprise! How is school going? "

"Hum..., very well. "

"Well. I hope I will be able to see you soon. By the way, why did you call. Did you have something special to tell me?"

"Yes. I want to know...Is it you who phoned me a little while ago?

" No. The last time I phoned you was two months ago. Why?"

"No,no... nothing. Well, I've got to leave you. See you soon I hope. Good bye dad!"

"Good bye, Gil!"

Gil put the receiver down. She was a little relieved. Her father was so nice with her. She didn't want to worry him with her problems. She tried to forget this story.

But still, there was a detail that was on her mind...

Yes, she knew, she knew ...who wanted to kill her.

She decided to take her mind off this business and switched on the TV.

In spite of all her troubles, she finally fell to sleep like a baby...



"Trick or treat!"

It was Halloween. My sister usually loved this day. But today, she was anxious. She was waiting for Jenny, her best friend, who was supposed to pick her up in a moment. I was going to celebrate with all the girls of my class.


I went to open the door.

"Hello ! Is Gil here?"

"Yes. GI-I-IL! Jenny is here!"

Gil was dressed up as a cat. She looked ridiculous! She walked past me and left with her friend, banging the door. I was happy they didn't stay long because I hated Jenny.

At eight o' clock, I put on my costume of Scream and I went to meet my friends. The streets were dark and frightening. I loved these surroundings. I didn't know why but I was very happy this evening. My friends were nice and I was looking forward to this exciting evening.

I didn't know how right I was ...

"Gil, you take this street and I'll take that one,OK?"

"OK! I'll begin with this block of flats."

"Good luck!"

Gil went into the hall. It was dark. All the events of these last days came back to her memory.

Brr !

She wanted to meet her friend quickly. Suddenly, she felt a shadow coming right behind her. She turned round and a she saw the shadow rushing after her.

She jumped back when the shadow appeared in the light. She screamed. The shadow was wearing the costume of Scream.

"Gil! It's me! I'm John, your father!"

"Oh daddy!"

She flung her arms around his neck and started sobbing.

"Gil! What's the matter? What are you crying? Tell me everything!"

"First, promise me you won't say anything to anyone "

"Ok. let's sit here and tell me your story."

Gil began telling her story. Her father listened to her with attention. When she finished, he said:

"It is a dangerous and alarming situation. It's got to stop."

He decided to go and see Gil's mother.

"Gil, you must come with me."

" No! Dad, it's Halloween and my friend Jenny is waiting for me to go on. I can't leave her and I don't want to. Please Daddy, go and talk to her without me."

" All right, but don't come back too late."



"Death is not the end"

When her dad left, Gil walked down the street to the next block of flats, hers. She went into the building and saw a shadow in the frame of the front door. No! Not again!

She drew near the door when the shadow rushed on her.

"Dad! It's not funny! I know it's you! "

But the shadow did not stop.

"Dad! Stop it! It's not funny! Stop!"

" But, I am not your father, Gil!"

Gil recognized that voice.

"Mégane, is it you?"

"Yes !! You are strong... But I am stronger than you!!! "

She took off her mask of Scream. It was Mégane indeed.

"What... What are you doing here?"

"I came to kill you, Gil."

"Mégane, stop it. I am no too well this evening. I don't feel like joking."

"But I am not joking, Gil. You know all the events that occurred these last days... It was me!"

"Mégane, it's not funny, I don't like your sense of humour! You are being ridiculous!"

"I'm serious!"

"Very funny..."

"Shut up! I hate you! You can't admit it but it's true.I have done it all. I was nice with you once but now, it's over. You have wasted my life and it's my turn to waste yours. I will kill you and nobody is going to stop me. You are so perfect that you have eclipsed me and I didn't exist anymore for anyone. You didn't realize that because you were too happy. But my patience have limits. You'll pay for everything that you did. Get ready to die."

"Mégane, wait! Lets try to speak! You don't know what you are doing! Why do you want to do that? What have I done? I don't understand! "

" Gil, you know very well what you were doing! "

"No! No... I don't know... Mégane, explain-me and stop th..."

" Shutup! I don't want to talk with you anymore! "

" Mégane, no! Put down this knife! "

Mégane lifted up the knife above her head to stab Gil. When the knife arrive on Gil, she flung herself down and the knife went into the door.

"Mégane, please ! You.. you are crazy! Stop! "

"Yes, I'm crazy and you are going to die!"

Gil managed at last to take the knife back and she threw it at Mégane with all her strength. Gil closed her eyes.

When she opened them, Mégane was staggering. She collapsed. Prudently, Gil drew nearer. Mégane was dead.




A few hours later, high in the sky, near Gil's building, a shadow was dancing in front of Gil's window:



"I'll get my revenge"