Projet Comenius 2002-2003 - Collège Georges Rouault - Paris - France

màj = 2003.01.25

Who is my hero? Just guess!

Look at the photographs and suggest a name. There is one clue in the picture and one in my sentence (click on the underlined words).

I'm Medhi. Do you know Zelda's hero? Solution.

I'm Dawei. My hero is a killer. Solution.

My name's Manel. Who wears a scarf around the waist? Solution.

My name is Asma. I've got a dark side. Solution.

My name is Sonia. I fight against devils. Solution.

My name is Linda. I was born in Manticore. Solution.

My name is Ophéline. I like red. Solution.

I'm Souleymane. I like spiders. Solution.

I'm Damien. My hero is very fierce. Solution.

I'm Nelson. I'm the best archer in the world. Solution.

I'm Amar. My hero is small but very clever. Solution.

I'm Hissine. My hero is a master of Kung Fu and a stuntman. Solution.

I'm Abdelkader. I'm a reporter and I've got a dog, Milou. Solution.

I'm Rachid. My hero is a master of Kung fu. He is very fast. Solution.

I'm Tadjidine. I save people. Solution.

My name's Fallone. My enemy drinks human blood. Solution.

My name's Stéphanie. My hero thinks Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Solution.

My name's Klen. I wear glasses. Solution.

My name's Yassine. I like crystal balls. Solution.

My name's Ibtissem. Solution.

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